Art School Studies

Mobile Beach screenshot
Mobile Beach
Mobile phone video, 2007

Mobile Conduction screenshot
Mobile Conduction
Mobile phone video, 2007

Power screenshot
Mobile phone video, 2007

Deep Interior Landscape Screenshot
Deep Interior Landscape
Mobile phone video, 2007

Many historians believe that The Artist 2.0 is a former art student who went to school in the Northwest of England, perhaps at the University of Lancaster. During this time in Lancashire, the artist was influenced by both his natural and unnatural surroundings as seen in works like Power and Deep Interior Landscape, both of which were recorded on his mobile phone near the Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

During this time, 2.0 also begins to experiment with his trademark experimental hand-held techniques. Mobile phone video works such as Mobile Beach and Mobile Conduction indicate the artist's growing interest in creating what he later terms a "body-brain-apparatus achievement" while pursuing his desired glitch effects. Around this time, it is also evident that the artist was becoming somewhat influenced by the work of LS Lowry whose museum in Salford had stirred up great controversy in the more elitist corners of the art world.

Around this time the artist became interested in the ritual and performative gesture of corrupting data and posting his results on the Internet using emerging Web 2.0 technologies. For example, he composed his first photo blog that he eventually named Glitch Aesthetics. The digital images contained on this site, now updated for our own Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, contain one glitch image per week over the span of a year. The images are known for their raw aesthetic appeal and have since been printed up for major international collections.

Glitch Aesthetics
Internet art - Blogger site, 2006–2007