Google-Assisted Living

Mobile Beach screenshot
live audio/visual performance, 2007

Mobile Conduction screenshot
Lake Como Remix
digital video, undated

Power screenshot
8-Bit Heaven
internet photography, 2012

The works included in Google-Assisted Living are unique in that they are all made using Google Earth and, in some cases, Google Street View software.

In Lake Como Remix, the artist remixes his navigations through the beautiful landscape surrounding the Lake Como district of Italy and, in the process, reveals the inherent glitch aesthetics of the imagery provided by the online map program. This close reading of the augmented visual landscape is further explored in Cinécriture, a video documentation that mashes up various imagery recorded during an early, live performance the artist conducted using one of the first versions of Google Earth as VJ source material.

Finally, this section of the museum includes a series of digital images from the 8-Bit Heaven series. These images, along with WeRMediumzGoMetaOn-U, are the most recent additions to the MOGA collection and are said to have been captured by the artist on April Fool's Day 2012. The Google Maps and Street View programs released an alternative, 8-bit imaging version of their programs as part of an April Fool's Day joke that the artist then turned into serious art. This series of works, many of which have yet to be released, are also now known for their raw aesthetic appeal and will undoubtedly be included in major international collections.