The Comedy of Errors
digital audio, date unknown

Perhaps the most enigmatic work in the long trajectory of glitch projects identified with The Artist 2.0 is The Comedy of Errors. The work is generally considered a unique sound art work that remixes the formatting and stylistic tendencies of a live comedy album but with customized glitch effects. It has also been referred to as an experimental audio book whose central character is an imaginary professor-turned-stand-up comedian.

Throughout this album length work of comedic sound art, we hear the voice of the anonymous comic deliver his routine on many relevant topics including sex, money, art school, e-commerce, avant-garde art and writing, and the increased corporatization of the university as an apparatus in the service of neoliberal capitalism. First-generation net artist and media theorist Mark Amerika, whom The Artist 2.0 is said to have briefly studied with after having left the UK toward the end of the Noughties, plays the voice of the comic.