The Early Years

The earliest works of The Artist 2.0 take place in the Northwest of England and include documentation of a BYOB (bring your own beamer) installation entitled Pixelmash. In addition to an early mobile phone video documentation of the installation as well as a few digital stills from the actual work, one of the digital images in the MOGA collection is a projection of the Pixelmash glitch video on a body believed to be that of The Artist 2.0.

The Early Years also includes a grouping of animated GIFs that are part of the .gif(t) economy series. These animated GIFs are a representative sample of the kind of work that was already referring to some of the earliest works of Net art from the 90s. In the .gif(t) economy series, the artist exhibits a full range of experimental video loops, many of which appropriate Internet images he has captured on his mobile phone. These images include source material sampled from Goya paintings, photographs of pop figures such as Madonna and Marilyn Manson, and snippets from avant-garde underground films and early works of video art.

This area of the museum also includes an early and important work of experimental glitch poetry composed in Flash entitled Verse Versus Versions. This work points to the artist's initial interests in the malleability of language as a digital object.

digital video projection, 2005

Verses Versus Versions
Internet art, 2005

.gif(t) economy series
Animated GIFs, 2005–2006